Saturday, October 5, 2019

A Small Town Gathering of Heroes

A dark night, rainy, a hero came home.
A black car, long limo, carried him gently.
A flag of stars and stripes blanketed him.

The street was glossy, tires whispered prayers,
For many heroes preceded and followed.
Lights, red, white and blue, flashing quietly.

Troops ‘Ten-Hut’ as he passed with honor.
EMT, fire, state, and county colors rolled with
Fellowship, pride, and a teary eye.

Many people stand together, close and somber,
Connected in grief, love, and respect, as family,
A community of hugs and remembrance.
All about are sturdy, stoic faces of the men and women
Who protect, stand in harm’s way, go to danger, and serve,
And I say thank you to him, to them, to all.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

She has Super Powers!

“She has super powers!”
“No, she don’t!” Hands reject.
“Yes.” Eyes flare. “She does.”
Hands scoff. “Prove it.”
Eyes shine bright. “Easy.”

She came in before school ever started.
Painted the classroom up real nice.
Made it bright. Made it clean and safe.
On the gray, rainy days she smiles and hugs.
We forget about the outside and learn
As she leads us book explorations.
We stood on chairs when we read our poems.
Something about a different way to look at things
And sounding our voice over the roofs.
Plus, this is funny, she and others danced on stage.
It was pretty good for a woman her age
And we laughed together, the whole room.

“She sounds a bit crazy.” Hands taps the table.
Eyes roll with a grin. “Most teachers are.”
“But still no super powers,” Hands, palms out.
Eyes proud. “She changed my world.”

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Dusty Old Valentine

I found a dusty old Valentine
Shoved back into a desk drawer.
It was one I bought for you
Then misplaced sometime of yore.

It had hearts and flowers
And curly letters delicate and red,
“You are my heart and soul,
Be mine, now and forever,” it said.

Fifteen years are only a few years
As husband and wife then family
Add three; meeting, knowing and falling
We have barely scratched at eternity.

The dusty old Valentine and all the yesterdays,
Like today, with tomorrow, holds with a smile
Your blue eyes showing, day after day,
Me with you and your love all the while.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

I Give You G

I went and said Good-bye to you today.
Family and friends spoke of you.
A lot of Good words were shared,

Me, a man of words, however,
     was at a loss. I had no words to Give.
What is there that can be said?

All I have David, is a letter,
    that letter, which leads to the words, is G

I give you the letter G
    as in Ginger,
with your red head crazy, curly ‘fro.
   Course, you said, “mistaken for Ginger” when actually “Gangster.”
   Yet, the only crime I heard was stealing your sister’s hair Gel.

I give you the letter G
    as in Gentleman.
You were polite and courteous
   to my wife and Good to my kids;
    a friendly, Genuine, sturdy, all around nice Guy.

I give you the letter G
    as in Good and Great;
    A Good man; heart, body and soul.
    A Great brother, son, friend and co-worker.

I give you the letter G
    as in Goofy;
    Sucking up peanut m & m’s off the counter,
    special eye-brow trimming and TheFlyboi123 monologues
    on You-tube; witty, clever and hilarious.

And I give you the letter G
   as in Grin
     Your signature smile, from ear to ear, oh so Genuine,
     and, like you, big and bold and beautiful., as said by sis, “Gorgeous.”
Yeah, David, G is your letter,
     and that Genuine, Goofy, “Gangster”
      (actually Gentleman though),
      Gorgeous, Grin is your Gift to us all.
Although it is only a letter,

I give you G.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I am Sura!

Some days I stand in the hallway during passing time shouting lines from Shakespeare. Students grin, shake their heads, or hurry by. “It’s the weird guy.” The hallway is my stage.
Some days I stand in the hallway spewing forth a lecture with dramatic emphasis about the “Quest for Knowledge.” Students frown and hurry because they are late for class. The hallway is my soapbox.
Some days I stand in the hallway off to the side and listen to the tears, the anger, and the frustration of being a teen. Students respect the privacy and give clearance. The hallway is my office.
Some days I stand in the hallway, arms folded, watching for dropping trash, spilling books and bullies. I will swoop in on a jammed locker. The hallway is my territory.
Some days I stand in the hallway, leaning against the wall, greeting and smiling, joshing and joking. Students quip back or swing in for a quick chat. The hallway is my front porch.
Some days I stand in the hallway celebrating with high fives, hugs and dances over a good grade, a triumphant moment or a return of a former student. The hallway is my banquet room.
Some days I stand in the hallway when it is empty and quiet missing the mutter of students, slamming of lockers and the exuberance of youth. The hallway is my sanctuary.
Some days I stand in the hallway looking for a version of me; small and timid, wide-eyed looking for a place to be. The hallway is my reflection.
I am Sura. The hallway is my domain. It may be just a few square feet, but here I stand as a hero, as a teacher, as a man. The hallway is me.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Well Noted

The leader of the band
Plays his farewell concert.
Many instruments directed.
Millions of notes played.

Do not play sad chords;
His music is not done.
Many students learned;
His song plays on

Kids learned passion
to dance and play in notes,
To feel the bass,
Love the rhythm.

Through the melody,
Life lesson learned.
Music touches the soul,
And he touched the heart.

So, Strike up the band
And play a joyful tune.
We celebrate today
The Crescendo of career

Play loud and strong
As he did in class.
Forever music plays
For this well noted man.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wild Flower

Good things come in small packages
so doth the saying go.
Somewhat appropriate, yet lacking depth,
don’t you know
when speaking of a black diamond girl
of five foot or so.
She races, dances, and speaks as if someone
hit the nitro.
Hair all a tumble, eyes of sparkle bright
is this little dynamo.
Energy and attitude tumble together;
her aura, electric rainbow.
Tender soul and fierce heart with lightning
they did sew
creating a lively, wild and beautiful flower
to erupt and grow.