Sunday, July 1, 2018

From the Heart

To sing well, she taught, “From the diaphragm.”
Let the air fill your lungs and resonate from there.
To sing, she instructed, “Open and project.”
One should hear clear crisp words of the song.
Yet, in my opinion, with a warm, patient smile,
And a glint in her eye, she said, “Sing from the heart.”

Many young voices, whether solo or quartet,
Duet or choir, learned from her skill and knowledge.
And as they stood on stage, group or alone.
She accompanied them with her piano and grace.
She sent them courage through the keys and direction.
Passion to sing, that was sent straight from the heart.

Now, with many years in and many songs sung,
Many lives impacted and many dreams chased,
The lights dim on a stage and notes softly echo
A promise that her melody will always live on.
Her music career is a crescendo of voices that sing,
Like her, with life, with love, in harmony, from the heart.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

My Princess

At three, she danced in the hall, ribbons and frills.
At six, she wore a lion costume and carried a lightsaber.
At twelve, she tackled and bumped on the soccer field.
At eighteen she, well….

No, not the woe is me, sigh melodrama role
More of the strong minded, Golde in town
Or the passionate Mrs. Darbus on stage.

No, not one to sit dreamily in a tower.
More of a get into a plane, start the engine,
And fly around the world with a grin.

No, not one to write sappy notes of castles.
More of a sassy verbal quip, speak your mind,
Fill in the hole and make a park kind of girl.

No, not one to sleep waiting for prince.
More of a “Someone got to save our skins.
Into the garbage chute flyboy.”

            ….well, she is that lion who roars.
She is the Jedi that fights with bright eyes.
She is that risk taker, that fighter, that warrior.

And, yeah, she is everything. She is my princess.

Friday, April 13, 2018


Prepping. Blocking. Understanding.
  The characters’ motivation?
    Got to build, create a life...Be.
Finding a voice...voices...the voices.
   And the emotion...sad...angry/sad
     A little more gravel in the throat?
   Maybe a tad higher in pitch.
    Ah...rush the words, pause, slow.
Blocking, movement, with purpose but natural
   Yes. Heavy footsteps here. Sulking.
      And here, younger, skipping? Perky.
   A laugh before the tears, let the face fall.
And so it goes.

Tournament day. Cubes, chairs and bags
    crash the halls and cafeteria.
Find a place, talk to the wall, motions subdued.
     Out in the open, a fraternity of drama masks.

Round is assembled. Friendly eyes,
   Thespians united, talent recognized.
   Fears boxed away. Courage to the sticking place.
“Judges and timer ready?”
Put my head down and close my eyes.
   Where is my place?
        Is that the judge that doesn’t like me?
    Draw 5 is cute.
   What’s my first line?
        Pizza? Do they have pizza?
    Did I really break into finals?
     How did I get pulled into this?
   Nothing...empty my mind.
Chin up. Eyes open.


Monday, April 9, 2018

The Warrior

Add one more to the Breakfast Club list.
With today’s battles, another is needed.
It’s the curly headed girl or freckled boy
That fights against enemies unseen.

Digital opponents, illness, social tremors,
Anxieties, and modern global madness
Attack the kids, day and dark night,
Pillaging their youth and future.

So, with their entourage, add the Warrior.
That spirit or that stands tall and strong.
Armed with faith in self, love of family,
And shielded by knowledge and right.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Katie, The Warrior

She sails forth, dreamy expression,
a winged cat on her shoulder.
She sails forth, armed with knowledge
and a family map of faith.

Her curly hair and bright eyes
quest the open seas in hope,
searching the rainbow wind
for answers to her questions.

She may be buffeted by storms
and attacked by doubts
She may lose her way in fogs
or trip over hidden steps.

But, Katie the Warrior, is strong
with warm heart and goofy grin.
She takes on the world with grace,
fighting, the truly good fight.

Standing boldly against the wind.
Standing fiercely in her beliefs.
Standing heroic aboard her dreams.
She is Katie, the Warrior.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Roller coaster games
go with the season.
Let’s build it up.
Hard practices
Jammed fingers throb
Banged knees
A loss that hurts deep
Together, we grow…

Rivals come at us
trying take us down.
Coach yells the mantra.
“Tough D”
“Hands high”
“Cut the baseline”
“Take care of the ball.”
Together, we breathe...

Down by seventeen.
A title on the line.
Let’s chip away.
Crash the boards
Teamwork passing
A three
Steal the ball and go
Together, we play…

On into tournaments,
a David with a stone.
Let’s raise our chin.
Look ‘em in the eye
Let them see the fire in ours
Here we come
A team that plays hard.
Together, we stand…

Sunday, February 25, 2018


When I fall,
Or am I pulled?
Deep into the dark
Uncertainty of purpose
And identity
No one or nothing can save me.
I am buried
Like a pebble in mud,
Trapped, immobile
Clinging slog.
I can’t breathe!
I surrender,
And wait to disappear.
Yet, I see me.
I see a tiny kernel
Of me,
Compacted, condensed
And real.
I am...
It’s the part if me
That cannot be crushed.
The essence of stuff
That makes me...