Thursday, January 31, 2019

I Give You G

I went and said Good-bye to you today.
Family and friends spoke of you.
A lot of Good words were shared,

Me, a man of words, however,
     was at a loss. I had no words to Give.
What is there that can be said?

All I have David, is a letter,
    that letter, which leads to the words, is G

I give you the letter G
    as in Ginger,
with your red head crazy, curly ‘fro.
   Course, you said, “mistaken for Ginger” when actually “Gangster.”
   Yet, the only crime I heard was stealing your sister’s hair Gel.

I give you the letter G
    as in Gentleman.
You were polite and courteous
   to my wife and Good to my kids;
    a friendly, Genuine, sturdy, all around nice Guy.

I give you the letter G
    as in Good and Great;
    A Good man; heart, body and soul.
    A Great brother, son, friend and co-worker.

I give you the letter G
    as in Goofy;
    Sucking up peanut m & m’s off the counter,
    special eye-brow trimming and TheFlyboi123 monologues
    on You-tube; witty, clever and hilarious.

And I give you the letter G
   as in Grin
     Your signature smile, from ear to ear, oh so Genuine,
     and, like you, big and bold and beautiful., as said by sis, “Gorgeous.”
Yeah, David, G is your letter,
     and that Genuine, Goofy, “Gangster”
      (actually Gentleman though),
      Gorgeous, Grin is your Gift to us all.
Although it is only a letter,

I give you G.