Saturday, October 1, 2016

You'll Be There

In the future, there is a classroom
With books and boards and desks.
The floor is worn, maybe a crack in the wall,
But posters splash color and whisper advice.
And you’ll be there.

In this classroom there are students,
Bright and eager and ready to learn.
The world will be opened to them.
Discovery and life will dance about.
And you’ll be there.

Among the students, there will be a few
Trying and doing but not quite getting.
Leaning in, elbow on desk with his writing
Or with her math; a turning point provided.
And you’ll be there.

Among the few, there will be a student,
Sullen or struggling or disengaged.
There will be open battles, quiet chats aside,
Patience required; a long term rescue ensured.
And you’ll be there.

Within the faces, there will be a child,
Noticed, but quiet and blended in.
Not in trouble and not standing out,
Yet from the pat on the back, the confident grin,
The happy room, the warmth of life and learning,
The proud stand, the “good job,"
The hug of safety; unknown, a life change given.
And you’ll be there.

 (for the next generation of teachers)