Thursday, June 7, 2018

My Princess

At three, she danced in the hall, ribbons and frills.
At six, she wore a lion costume and carried a lightsaber.
At twelve, she tackled and bumped on the soccer field.
At eighteen she, well….

No, not the woe is me, sigh melodrama role
More of the strong minded, Golde in town
Or the passionate Mrs. Darbus on stage.

No, not one to sit dreamily in a tower.
More of a get into a plane, start the engine,
And fly around the world with a grin.

No, not one to write sappy notes of castles.
More of a sassy verbal quip, speak your mind,
Fill in the hole and make a park kind of girl.

No, not one to sleep waiting for prince.
More of a “Someone got to save our skins.
Into the garbage chute flyboy.”

            ….well, she is that lion who roars.
She is the Jedi that fights with bright eyes.
She is that risk taker, that fighter, that warrior.

And, yeah, she is everything. She is my princess.