Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rockin' Robin

The morning birds of song and news
flicker into our home and enlighten our day.
They broadcast sincerely, eyes bright and wide,
            things that matter and help us on our way.
Yes, into our lives, they do become a part;
            even on our court, basketball they did play.

There’s the sporty blue jay, anchor of the crew;
            of Lions, Tigers and Wings, he does like to sing.
Perched and chipper, the young red cardinal
            tells of the clouds or sun the day will bring.
Live on a fun feature, the Big Boy mockingbird
            grins as he shows wonderful Northland things.
Other news birds do visit and join the chorus
            when our crew vacations or mends a wing.

Which brings me to the lady among the gents,
            the spritely songbird, Rockin Robyn, with love.
She sings loud and clear, strong and steady,
            a proud and colorful bird so unlike the little dove.
I recall the day with chin held high and deep breath
            She told of us her story, her fear and faith above.
Her story of cancer belongs to many sisters,
            and like them, the illness she stoically did shove.

Now, a year and more has past, in health she works.
            Friends, family and northern Michigan does smile.
With a pink ribbon, she remembers those lost and
            champions the fight, a true survivor of the trial.
Our Rockin Robyn rocks in the treetops all day long
             Singing every woman’s song with much love, grace and style.