Saturday, October 24, 2015

A W in the Book

Tonight is not for a title or trophy,
Just the last game of the season.
Tape the ankle, wear the colors,
Roll the neck, and pound the pads.
It’s time. Time for a W in the book.

Look at the faces next to you
And make an oath right now,
That you will step it up and play
Right up to the final whistle
And share a W in the book.

We have had our heartache
Plus, bruises, crutches and flags.
Yet, tonight if we play with heart
Deep from the fiber of our soul,
Forever will be a W in the book.

C’mon boys, rally round the ball.
Yell and cheer like champions.
Let the field echo with our cry
Let our spirit, unbroken, fly!
And put another W in the book.