Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Our lives get interwoven
Into many different stories.
We are a page or two to some
Or a chapter in another’s.

Many tales make us who we are;
Some pages tear stained,
Some wrinkled with laughter,
All gilded in gold.

On days like today,
Two lives blend together
Into a promise of many pages
That will yield a novel.

The words written forward
From this promise till eternity
Tell boldly, the unique drama
Of loving and living, happily together.


The foundation is made of
One part love, one part trust
And two parts of each other.
Mix well.

Walls are built with sturdy planks
Of  kindness and faith
For they insulate against the storms.

The roof is caring
Shingled with determination
Nailed down with a promise.

Windows and doors are needed.
The more the better.
A well lit open-air floor plan
Keeps it fresh and clean.

And a fire place is built
To keep the passion aflame
For this will warm the house

Dreams must be wired throughout
and be kept up to code,
So the house will provide
the energy to be and do.

The decor is made of many things collected.
Laughs and smiles, tears and heartaches,
Hugs, jokes, prayers, and kisses
Add the right touch.
While quiet moments and cleansing words
Sweep away any dormant dust.

No, there is not any blueprint to look upon
There’s only a stockyard of supplies
From family, friends and God above.
The work and the comfort
Are to the husband and wife
To build and nurture a happy life.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Digital images
of artificial worlds,
perfect people,
and white teeth

Serious faces
spew grim realities
of a world
of gray.

Allies say
it’s “them.”
We need to rebel
against rules.

Many individuals
collaborate against
the trend,
“Do it our way.”

Uncertain thoughts
within your head
What is right, wrong?
What is.

with hammers
on the soul
until weak.
Hope is depleted,

To the core
of being
where life sparks
and surges.

to the dense
Essence that
will not just

yet not failing.
Clawing back
to see and

on the surface.
Strong inside,


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Jump in the Lake

A cool day in July,
Breezy, bright, and bold.
A Great Lake ahead,
Michigan, waves inviting.

A young woman,
scars on her body, stands
A warrior, battles fought,
Freedom reborn in the water.

A jump in the lake,
Victory washes in waves.
An act of simple joy
is her celebration of life.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

From the Heart

To sing well, she taught, “From the diaphragm.”
Let the air fill your lungs and resonate from there.
To sing, she instructed, “Open and project.”
One should hear clear crisp words of the song.
Yet, in my opinion, with a warm, patient smile,
And a glint in her eye, she said, “Sing from the heart.”

Many young voices, whether solo or quartet,
Duet or choir, learned from her skill and knowledge.
And as they stood on stage, group or alone.
She accompanied them with her piano and grace.
She sent them courage through the keys and direction.
Passion to sing, that was sent straight from the heart.

Now, with many years in and many songs sung,
Many lives impacted and many dreams chased,
The lights dim on a stage and notes softly echo
A promise that her melody will always live on.
Her music career is a crescendo of voices that sing,
Like her, with life, with love, in harmony, from the heart.