Saturday, October 5, 2019

A Small Town Gathering of Heroes

A dark night, rainy, a hero came home.
A black car, long limo, carried him gently.
A flag of stars and stripes blanketed him.

The street was glossy, tires whispered prayers,
For many heroes preceded and followed.
Lights, red, white and blue, flashing quietly.

Troops ‘Ten-Hut’ as he passed with honor.
EMT, fire, state, and county colors rolled with
Fellowship, pride, and a teary eye.

Many people stand together, close and somber,
Connected in grief, love, and respect, as family,
A community of hugs and remembrance.
All about are sturdy, stoic faces of the men and women
Who protect, stand in harm’s way, go to danger, and serve,
And I say thank you to him, to them, to all.