Friday, May 5, 2017

One of Those Days

In early, he preps the day’s lessons.
A copier jam backlogs tasks at hand.
In the hall, toner on fingers, he listens.
The student’s bad day needs an ear.

Voluntary review before the bell.
She encourages the few that attend.
In her morning bustle, she forgot
her bagel on the counter at home

He sits heavily in his chair.
Quizzes graded, some too low.
Lunch at his desk, he searches
for aspirin and a new approach.

Confused faces stare at her.
Connections to a unit failed.
Restless kid disrupts the class.
After referral, she thinks what if.

He shrugs on his coat, shuffles home.
Orthodontist bill sits next to cold dinner.
Quietly, he nibbles as he reads
State standards changes policies again.

A cat rubs her ankles in dim light.
The essays graded sit to the side.
She sips at her tea, pondering tv.
No, she promised bake sale cookies.

On his nightstand, a marine pin and
A ceramic bowl from past students.
On her laptop screen an email flickers.
A thank you from a student brings a tear.

Yeah it's been one of those days.
Among the struggles, a brief shiny why.
He will go onward, bright and early.
She will, gladly, proudly, do it again.