Friday, June 17, 2011

Bailey's Moon

No world wide trip
or big house with a large tub.
The kid’s pool has patches
and the yard looks like hell.

Yet, I try to tap out a few words
in the low moonlight
hoping that some day I can
just give you more.

And just when I feel I have lost
when my shoulders slump.
You, my angel, my wonderful,
say “I love you.”

Those words hold belief and strength.
I roll my shoulders and sigh,
cinch the knot and ready the rope.
Swirling it, I go to lasso Bailey’s Moon.

To Heidi, for 21 years and more.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

In The Box

In the box is
                  a few books, some files,
                                    a pen and some pencils;
                  There’s a coffee cup,
                                    one of many throughout the years;
                  some odds and ends,
                                    a half empty aspirin bottle
                  and a bag of M & Ms of an unknown year,
                                                      A copy of a test from long ago
                                    and a few photos.

But also in the box
                   is a legacy of teaching.

Yes, inside is a trail of headaches,
                  sighs, budget cuts, drop outs,
                                    sick days and missing staff.

But , deep inside are
                  the  faces of many students and teachers,
                                    smiling, enriched, going forward
                  because you gave a damn about them.
                  the high fives of the kids who finally got it;
                                    the hugs from the kids that needed a hero;
the thanks of fellow teachers  who needed a
shoulder, mentor and coach;
                  and the nodding smile of a principal
                                    knowing your legacy for the school.

The box is quite full,
                  overflowing with your triumph of being
                                    all a teacher can be.