Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Roller coaster games
go with the season.
Let’s build it up.
Hard practices
Jammed fingers throb
Banged knees
A loss that hurts deep
Together, we grow…

Rivals come at us
trying take us down.
Coach yells the mantra.
“Tough D”
“Hands high”
“Cut the baseline”
“Take care of the ball.”
Together, we breathe...

Down by seventeen.
A title on the line.
Let’s chip away.
Crash the boards
Teamwork passing
A three
Steal the ball and go
Together, we play…

On into tournaments,
a David with a stone.
Let’s raise our chin.
Look ‘em in the eye
Let them see the fire in ours
Here we come
A team that plays hard.
Together, we stand…