Friday, March 26, 2021

We Rise

 I hit the gym floor...hard.

My knee burns, my wrist and palm ache

And in a split second, thoughts flash

Argh, it hurts!

Everyone sees me.

Why do I play?

A teammate pulls me up

…. Because I love the game.


        I rise and stand.

The team looks at me, concerned..

My eyes grin. (no mask can hide it)

        They smile back.

All of them know

They sent strength.

Blood pulses

I send them energy

They nod, message received.

To my opponent..

...I wink.

Yeah, I’m still here.

She blinks, confused.

No, girl, I’m not out.

Now, I’m in her head.

I rise stronger.

My head is in the game.

        My hands ready for the ball.

Heart beats fierce.


Heart of the team gives me power.

I transcend

What’s a bruise?

Nothing but a badge

Effort given.

Toes bounce

Legs move

Passes pop

Ball arcs for a basket

I rise,

because We Rise

and Play.