Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Building Block

I have a big black of wood on my desk. I have plane to carve things into the black of wood, but that will come about. A lot of students ask about that block of wood and why it is there. Here's the answer.

Building Block

Here’s this block
Take it.
It’s a building block.

The heart is my love
            Notice that it is cut deep into the block.
The D is the dreams for you
            Dream and do.
The infinity symbol is the number of times
            You try before giving up.
The L is for the word Look,
            Look and learn,
                        A lot.
The book means read
            That’s it, just read.
The last side is blank
            It’s for you.
                        Make your own mark.

Here’s this block.
Take it.
It’s a building block.

- Christopher R. Sura