Saturday, October 18, 2014

Give Me A B!

Be it out on a chilly night
    or in a bright gymnasium,
Dressed in his olive drab jacket,
    this door-gunner veteran
    will stand to the crowd and yell,
“C’mon Bobcats! Let’s Get Excited!”
    And with a pump of a fist,
“Give me a B!”

How many time has he stood?
    How many time has he rallied?
Sometimes twice a game.
    He’s called out when we were ahead
    or during time out of a key play.
And, we have looked with hope
    to our Bobcat Man to lead.
“Give me a B!”

Today, we proudly stand together
    with a salute to him.
We are dressed in green
    to emulate his Bold, Brash,
    Bravado of a Barbaric cheer.
We are the Bobcat Nation!
    And with a fist held high, we yell,
"Give me a B!"