Monday, August 8, 2011


            crashes the stage, before the full dark house
brandishing life and place in the split second
before words are spoken and action moves.
The actor thrills in this singular flash of stillness and bursting energy.

            takes the audience to the soul of the character
            revealing fears, joys, the drama of living;
            solitary or with all lights ablaze, the story breaths.
            The actor thrives in the grace of words and movement dancing.

            gasps in darkness, inhales, a splashes light on actors
            as applause roars, cheers, cries and sings bringing all
            in the house together in the triumph of telling the tale.
            The actor drinks this moment of nourishment,
                                                                 accomplishment and revelry.

            sighs in its solitary moment behind closed doors;
            its tired beam canters just a bit off center stage.
            buzzes, slow and aching, it straightens proud and eager.
            The actor connects with the light; together they create life.

This poem can be found in Wordz, a collection of poems for graduating high school students.