Saturday, October 18, 2014

Give Me A B!

Be it out on a chilly night
    or in a bright gymnasium,
Dressed in his olive drab jacket,
    this door-gunner veteran
    will stand to the crowd and yell,
“C’mon Bobcats! Let’s Get Excited!”
    And with a pump of a fist,
“Give me a B!”

How many time has he stood?
    How many time has he rallied?
Sometimes twice a game.
    He’s called out when we were ahead
    or during time out of a key play.
And, we have looked with hope
    to our Bobcat Man to lead.
“Give me a B!”

Today, we proudly stand together
    with a salute to him.
We are dressed in green
    to emulate his Bold, Brash,
    Bravado of a Barbaric cheer.
We are the Bobcat Nation!
    And with a fist held high, we yell,
"Give me a B!"

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Ready, set, explode.
The squad bursts into motion.
"Whatever It Takes!"
rattles the fans.
Cheers shake the roof.

The mat pops with tumbles,
hand springs and cartwheels.
The Audience watches the
flash and sparks of spirit
erupting into pyramids
with flyers shooting
high into the air.

Sounds vibrate the gym.
A calliope of tucks, tumbles and toe touches are
pinnacled with elevators, extensions
and double twists
bursting skyward.
The crowd applauds the
choreographed motion of exuberant skill that
explodes and illuminates the mat
in a spectacular display
that is a rowdy, beautiful cheer
of Fireworks!