Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's Put On A Show

Hey! Hey! One and all!
            Welcome to Drama Class!
Let’s tell a story.
            Let’s put on a show.

Wait. Wait. What’s it about?
A hero and heroine.
She is smart and beautiful,
            and he is goofy but true.
Don’t forget the nasty villain,
            deceitful, yet slick and smooth.

Good. Good. What happens next?
            They fight against the odds.
and when all looks bad,
            friends to the rescue!
They get back up again,
undaunted, ready to fight.
Good triumphs, a happy ending
where love and courage wins.

Quick! Quick! Energy abounds
with much to do.
Round up some costumes,
something bold and bright.
Does anyone have paint,
            hammer, a drill to use?
Build a wall for the room
            Put the door over there.
Move the lights a bit,
            we want a spot to hit here.

Oh, yes. Oh yes.
            Come on in.
Let’s sing and dance,
            laugh and cry,
despair and hope,
            and raise our voices in joy.
Let’s tell a story.
            Let’s put on a show.