Tuesday, July 31, 2018


The foundation is made of
One part love, one part trust
And two parts of each other.
Mix well.

Walls are built with sturdy planks
Of  kindness and faith
For they insulate against the storms.

The roof is caring
Shingled with determination
Nailed down with a promise.

Windows and doors are needed.
The more the better.
A well lit open-air floor plan
Keeps it fresh and clean.

And a fire place is built
To keep the passion aflame
For this will warm the house

Dreams must be wired throughout
and be kept up to code,
So the house will provide
the energy to be and do.

The decor is made of many things collected.
Laughs and smiles, tears and heartaches,
Hugs, jokes, prayers, and kisses
Add the right touch.
While quiet moments and cleansing words
Sweep away any dormant dust.

No, there is not any blueprint to look upon
There’s only a stockyard of supplies
From family, friends and God above.
The work and the comfort
Are to the husband and wife
To build and nurture a happy life.

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